modular bathroom design

How proper accessory selection would make your bathroom look unique

The bathroom happens to be an essential part of your house. A clean and tidy bathroom would define your family. Therefore making this part of your house beautiful is very important and dicey. You can provide your bathroom with a beautiful and stylish look with the proper planning. You can take professional help from a bathroom interior designer for wiser suggestions.

Some Helpful Tips:

  1. modular bathroom designThe arrangement of the bathroom defines whether it is spacious or not. The proper selection of bathroom fittings can hide flaws if any, and also make it organised. Mirrors fitted in the right direction can make your bathroom look larger in scale and area. Wall-mounted basins would occupy less space than the traditional ones and free up more space. If your toilet is not big enough, avoid Jacuzzis; shower cubicles are better.
  2. People sometimes overlook and ignore the wall fittings and flooring of the bathroom. An Interior decorator in Kolkata can help you with valuable tips in this regard. Toilets should not have slippery or smooth floor tiles to avoid any accidents. Also, the colour of floor tiles and walls should be matched with the other accessories and the bathroom’s theme.
  3. All the modern bathroom equipment might go wrong if it doesn’t serve the functionality. The elderly members might be more comfortable with simple fittings, and others might like it the other way. Therefore it is essential to plan keeping all these factors in mind.

4. The bathroom fittings should also be decided as per the frequency of use. The public bathrooms in hotels and restaurants should focus on user-friendliness and durability. The private washroom should focus on aesthetics to maintain the house’s positive vibe.

Bathroom Vanities:

Investing in decorating a bathroom calls for time and money both. Therefore you should plan every detail. Bathroom vanities are one such detail that can be a focal point for your bathroom interior design. You can make your bathroom gorgeous with vanities made of wood grains. Wooden vanities complement contemporary, traditional, vintage, and industrial looks. Bathrooms can be given a luxurious look with minimal designs as well. It provides cleanliness and a soothing aesthetic for private washroom interiors. Standing basins added with a porcelain bowl, concrete, or raw stone can give your bathroom a modern touch. 

modular bathroom design
Trends to keep away from:
  • Lacquered cabinets were popular a few years back, but now matte dominates.
  • Ceramic lasts for a long, so go for simple patterns. Loud patterns might give a tiring vibe after some time.
  • Barn doors do not provide absolute privacy in a bathroom. Traditional doors are always the best choice.
  • Do not go for an entirely white bathroom. It would look dirty every alternate day and give a negative vibe.  


It is recommended that modular bathroom design be planned to stand the test of time. Wrong choices might demand changing the fittings frequently, which would also be expensive. Planning a budget at the beginning is essential to check any monetary wastage.

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