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At DesignTrivo, ‘Integrity’ and ‘Perfection’ aren’t just words; they’re our guiding principles. Every detail, from the smallest furniture piece to the subtlest hue, receives meticulous attention from our dedicated team. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve honed our craft, earning the trust of clients across Kolkata, West Bengal. Our commitment to perfection not only ensures flawless designs but also fosters lasting relationships built on trust and integrity

what we’re offering

Professional services

Experience the DesignTrivo difference where integrity meets perfection.

Corporate Office Design

Elevate professionalism and productivity with our bespoke office layouts and contemporary aesthetics, exclusively from DesignTrivo

Bar & Restaurant

Craft immersive dining experiences with captivating ambiance, courtesy of our design expertise at DesignTrivo

Modern Living Office

Merge modern aesthetics with ergonomic functionality in your workspace with DesignTrivo expertise.


Transform mealtime into a luxurious experience with our contemporary dining room designs, exclusively from DesignTrivo.

Modular bed room

Transform bedrooms into serene sanctuaries with our customizable modular furniture offerings, brought to you by DesignTrivo.

modular kitchen

Revolutionize culinary spaces with stylish and efficient modular kitchen solutions from DesignTrivo.

modular bathroom

Redefine bathing spaces with innovative modular designs, exclusively from DesignTrivo.

hotel & Resorts

Create unforgettable guest experiences with luxurious and functional designs by DesignTrivo.
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what we’re offering

Why we are different form others

Our design ethos blends creativity with precision, setting us apart with a unique approach fueled by passion and innovation.

Personalized Approach
DesignTrivo offers bespoke interior design solutions tailored to each client's unique needs and preferences, setting it apart from competitors.
Budget-Friendly Services
Unlike other firms, Design Trivo provides high-quality design services within reasonable budgets, making luxury design accessible to a wider audience.


DesignTrivo excels in both residential and commercial design projects, including offices, showrooms, restaurants, cafes, hotels, gyms, and salons, offering a comprehensive range of services.
Collaborative Process
With a focus on collaboration, DesignTrivo ensures that clients' visions are incorporated into every aspect of the design process, fostering a sense of ownership and satisfaction
Vastu-Compliant Designs
DesignTrivo stands out for its expertise in Vastu-compliant designs, creating spaces that promote positivity and harmony, a unique offering not commonly found in other firms

Customer Satisfaction

DesignTrivo dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction distinguishes it from competitors, earning a reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in interior design projects

Wide Reach

Whether you're in Kolkata or beyond, DesignTrivo services are accessible, making it a preferred choice for clients seeking top-notch interior design solutions
Innovative Solutions
DesignTrivo stays ahead of the curve by offering innovative design solutions that blend functionality with aesthetics, ensuring that clients receive cutting-edge designs that stand out from the rest

Attention to Detail

With a meticulous approach to design, DesignTrivo never overlooks even the smallest details, ensuring that every aspect of the project is executed to perfection, a hallmark of its commitment to excellence
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Our Happy Clients

DesignTrivo happy clients are a testament to our commitment to personalized designs, attentive service, and transformative results. Experience the satisfaction of working with us and join our growing community of delighted customers today


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Some Of Our Client Testimonials


sumon paul

To be honest, DesignTrivo is one of the best interior designing company in Kolkata. They work my 2 bhk flat full interior very beautifully. Me and my family very happy for their work. They did what exactly we want and mention in agreement paper. Thank you DesignTrivo Team they done fabulous job. I will definitely suggest to my all friends go ahead with DesignTrivo.

Subhankar Ghosh

The home interior services provided by DesignTrivo have shown amazing results. Their price quotation and suggestions are the best and they can deliver on time. We have recently completed our interior works with them.

Santanu Chatterjee

Amazing work! Also pocket friendly. Great team work. They will turn your flat into home - you'll love staying there. বাংলায় যাকে বলে সস্তায় পুষ্টিকর কাজ। খুব ভালো লেগেছে কাজ করে।


Atikur Rahman

Excellent job done by this company .Best things is their customers friendly employees and very helpful.They provide me value for money for my home interior design works..

Jayeeta Bhattacharya

Very good company, I have done the interior of my 2 bhk flat, very efficient and offers the best price in this industry, according to me it's the best interior designer in Mankundu.


The home interior services provided by DesignTrivo have shown amazing results. Their price quotation and suggestions are the best and they can deliver on time. We have recently completed our interior works with them. We are totally satisfied..Highly reccomend
DesignTrivo - Where Innovation Meets Design and Leadership

Innovate Your Space DesignTrivo, Revolutionizing Interior Design Since 1999

Experience Innovation: DesignTrivo, Leading the Way in Interior Design Since 1999. Proudly affiliated with Pritam Enterprise, Kolkata, our culture and art-focused team brings happiness and preservation to properties nationwide

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